What the people wrote about me



            Son Michal     August 2009

My name is Michal, and in these few lines I would like to say a few words about the Artist behind these paintings - my mother. She showed an aptitude for art at a very early age. As a young child she had an immense innate creativity and imagination which she displayed through art forms such as singing, painting and recitation, among others. After she finished her studies at college she had planned to develop her talent in art. However, "We set the sail, God makes the wind." and I was born. Two years later my sister followed, and after nine years our brother arrived. She bestowed all her natural and earthly love upon us, her children. Now that we have all grown up, we began three years ago to join forces and open up her creative life once again. Together we are trying to showcase the beauty of her paintings, something which has always kindled a spark of positive energy and inspiration in the hearts and souls of people. That is why this quotation from French Painter Pierre Bonnard is so apt: "Art will never be able to exist without nature."


Daughter Adriana     August 2009

My name is Adriana, and in this passage I would like to describe my mother from my point of view. As, over the past few months, my mum has become known by more and more people throughout the world as an artist, I thought it would be nice to divulge a little bit about her background to give you an insight into the woman behind the paintings, a great person and a wonderful mother. My mother always had a great talent, but due to raising three children - me and my two brothers - she never had chance to develop her talent until now. She has taught me right from wrong, and the significance of self-respect. She is my mother, the greatest influence in my life, not only as a mum but also as a friend.
When someone sees a beautiful masterpiece it always put a little bit of love in his or her heart. My mother was always spreading love and positive energy around, which greatly influenced her art, and with her positive thinking she has been able to overcome difficulties in her life. Her creativity is not confined to painting, and as her main subject at college was clothing design, I had the privilege of wearing the best dresses at all times. I was always a dressy girl, and because of my mum I was able to wear glamorous clothes from an early age. I did not take her talent seriously until I was 15, but of course every teenage girl wants to look pretty. Then my mum became my personal fashion designer. She used to stay up all night just to finish my dress, so I could wear it the next day. She made me feel like a little princess.
And now it is time for her children to repay her for all the things she has done for us. It is time to present to the world her artwork and her inner spirit. And now you have the opportunity to see her artwork, just look at her paintings and let your soul shine!